Friday, July 30, 2010


From the Mahony Photo Archives:

In honor of the AMA GNC's visit to California this weekend here is the start of the 1964 Ascot 100 lap TT. We'll have photos and a race report from the Calistoga half-mile up next week.

For ordering info contact Mahony Photos.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Awhile back we featured some explosive artwork of Triumph legends Gene Romero and Gary Nixon done by Tim Beaumont. Tim got in touch recently to let us know that these pieces as well as his other art and photographs are available for purchase on his Duke Marketing webpage. Tim has some excellent work on there and there are many size and medium options available. Check it out at:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here's another old Trackmaster calendar from the collection of Bob & Linda Neilson. This one features the iconic Gene Romero photo taken by Dan Mahony.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Received some great photos from Danny Clark, a student at MMI in Phoenix who caught the action at the Arizona Mile a few months back.

Check out Danny's blog Whack As Hell for more motorcycle pics as well as some great photography and other cool odds and ends.

More of Danny's Arizona Mile photos can be seen here.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Found this photo awhile back on one of the other great cycle blogs...but I forgot to write down which one. Nixon was brave to strapping that contraption to his head.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Received these great shots in the inbox yesterday along with a note from Alastair McQuaid:


A quick note and some photos from the UK...

Here's Gary Nixon, Grand National Champion in '67 and '68 and all round flattrack and roadrace legend at this year's TR3OC Beezumph Rally, organised last weekend at the scenic Anglesey race circuit with fantastic views of the north Wales coastline and Snowdonia. The 'bike is Steve Cook's Red Line T140. The frame and motor may have history with Mike Kidd. The period style paint scheme is Steve's own. I particularly like the joke shop eyeball used as the tank mount bung.

Gary didn't ride due to the impact of advancing years upon his old injuries. However, he aided Don Emde to give a fascinating talk, illustrated by some great period photos, about the Trident / Rocket triples raced on the dirt. Don took to the Anglesey track riding Rob North's ex-Dick Mann North "lowboy" framed '72 Daytona bike which Rob brought with him from the US for the event. The photos show Rob examining it after an outing in Don's hands. It's original even down to dirty marks, a cracked windshield and fairing damage, done when Dick came unstuck on some oil. Rob's afraid to loan it to the AMA museum in case they clean it!!!!

Bye for now

Alastair McQuaid

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Received some great photos of old Trackmaster calendars from the collection of Bob & Linda Neilson. Here's Eddie Mulder looking smooth in the turn.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Listed on VFT:

This ready to race flat track bike is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I bought it to make it into a street bike but decided that is really needs to go to a racer.

Price $5,000 OBO.

Day: 510-233-0254, Eve: 415-383-0857,

Friday, July 2, 2010


Received a note and some photos from Mike 'Stu' Stuhler the other day. Here's what he had to say:
"I shot a boatload of shots Saturday over at Lima, and in the process of doing so I also took a few with you and your great site in mind. Shawn Baer is campaigning this immaculate Triumph in the AMA Pro Flat Track/K&N Filters sponsored by Grand National series this year. I didn't get a chance to talk with him or the team members (they seemed pretty involved so I didn't want to interupt) but they have a really top-notch looking set up on and off the track."
"Shawn had to run the first semi Saturday night and got 3rd to make the transfer to the main to eventually finish 17th after 11 laps. I haven't seen or heard the reason for his dropping out but the bike was silent coming into the infield pull-off area. As a result, he currently sits 39th in the standings after carding a 19th at Springfield. These are the only two events they have made at this point in the season (7 rounds in of 19 scheduled) but they should be commended for their efforts going in against the hoard of XR's, a couple of Suzuki's (Mick Kirkness' #87 one of those as pictured), the Lloyd Brothers Joe Kopp-ridden Ducati (which won it's first race in AZ. in May) and the Werner/Springsteen-helmed Kawasaki of Bryan Smith (which is very quietly working it's way into a prominent position in the series.) Up against these cats The Baer clan is doing well believe me."
"And just because I had to have a full paragraph to list the team's sponsors and such, here we go: Bonneville Performance/Marines/Wiseco Pistons/Motion Pro Triumph Flat Track Team."
"In no particular order the shots I included are one of the team's bikes sitting in the pits between the practice/qualifying sessions and the heat races, also a shot of Shawn and the team looking the bike over during the same time frame, and a shot of Shawn and team in line getting ready to be announced for the starting grid of the National at Lima on Saturday evening."
Thanks to Mike for sharing photos with us yet again. Check out his awesome blog Stu's Shots R Us. Mike mentioned he is going to try to get to I-96 Speedway for the GNC Half-Mile there in a couple weeks. If he does, he'll get some more great shots!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


From VFT:

TRACKMASTER TRIDENT...This is the real GARY NIXON frame. I bought this frame from Ray Hensley 18 years ago. The Frame & Swingarm are both stamped ' GN 9 '. I have never gotten around to restoring it, so now it is just a Street Tracker with a collectable chassis. It is pretty cool around town. $14,000 Gary 818-929-4950