Wednesday, June 30, 2010


From Bill Gately:

We got our set up early and Shawn's first practice session placed him in 12th position. In our second time out we only completed one lap--our battery quit. This put our average off and we ended up 22nd. We missed the front row by 4 positions and got a second row start position in the heat race. Shawn finished 6th in the heat moving up from 9th. He got a front row position in the Semi and he was first by turn 2 when he hit some deep wet cushion and lost position--he rode it out and got it back on the back straight away. He held third for the next 8 laps behind Dan Gideon and Kenny Coolbeth. This put us in the final -- our second in the last 2 races. Shawn ran behind Coolbeth in 15th until we had a mechanical. He got the bike off the track safely. We will have everything ready to go for the 1/2 Mile at Lake Odessa, Michigan.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 IN A ROW!!!

(Shawn Baer in action earlier this year at the Springfield Mile.
Photo Courtesy of Jim Grant.)

Saturday night Shawn Baer put the Bonneville Performance Triumph in the main event at the Lima, Ohio GNC Half-Mile finishing 17th. This was the second national in a row that the #32 has been on the track for the final race of the night. The team has made great strides this season and will look to continue their streak on July 10 when AMA GNC racing returns to Michigan for the I-96 Speedway Half-Mile in Lake Odessa.

We'll have a Bonneville Performance race report and photos up later this week.

Friday, June 25, 2010


From the Mahony Photo Archives:

Looking sharp on the #6. For ordering info contact Mahony Photos.

Friday, June 18, 2010


From the Mahony Photo Archives:
Tom Horton posing on the 75X machine. For ordering info contact Mahony Photos.

Friday, June 11, 2010


From the Mahony Photo Archives:

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Monday, June 7, 2010


From Bill Gately:
"We got our set up early and our practice sessions were all about the same at 18th or 19th. But the next session out would all gain a half second and push our group down. We ended up 39th. Shawn got a great start from the second row in the heat but he had a clutch problem about lap 5. He finished 7th and came in with no clutch. We took it apart and found the clutch rod bullet welded to the throw out bearing. We repaired it and got ready for the semi. Shawn had a front row start and got away again but by the end of lap 1 he was in 6th. In lap 4 he caught the pack and started gaining positions each lap. We finished a half bike behind #87 Mick Kirkness in 2nd. He came in with the same clutch problem--and we put it back together again. Shawn was 14th at the start of the main and moved back with the same problem -- on lap 18 he started to pass the pack in turn 1 when the bike lost rpm's--he pulled it over and shut it down. We have since found out why and have corrected the problem and will be at the Dayton, Ohio 1/2 Mile next weekend and then onto the 1/2 Mile National at Lima on June 26."

(Coming to the line in the semi)

(1st lap of the Final)

All photos courtesy of Dave Hoenig at Flat Trak Fotos

Friday, June 4, 2010


From the Mahony Photo Archives:

From left to right: Terry Dorsch, Ron Moore, Gary Scott, Tom Horton, John Gennai, and Tom Rockwood in 1973. For ordering info contact Mahony Photos.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Here's a great video from AmericanTriumph.TV profiling the Bonneville Performance team and their efforts at the Arizona Mile a few weeks back.

AmericanTriumph.TV Race Report - AMA GNC Arizona Mile from Geoff Patrick on Vimeo.