Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Received these photos from Bob Neilson the other day. He found these pics of an awesome Triumph Cub speedway bike on the Jockey Journal forum. If anyone has any info on this bike or other Triumph speedway bikes please get us the details.

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  1. Yes, I know a little about this cool Cub. Cliff Majors " The Sandy Bandit" Owner of Cycle Hub, Portland, Oregon built eight of these and used them all in his Side Show Motorcycle Races. Cliff would stage Speedway Races any where he could. In the early sixties he went to every major Motor Show and had three races a day on the available arena at the time. They raced five bikes at a time and had a routine which had a pre planned winner. They put on these exciting fake races with lots of hamming it up. Wheelies ,exaggerated slides, bar banging good guy bad guy stuff. The racers were popular and sold lots of Motor Show tickets. Cliff came from a Dare Devil Show backgound, where he travelled the World with an Automobile Stunt Team as the Sickle guy, wheelieing an Ajay 500 and Jumping and busting a Triumph 650 through a flaming wall of boards.
    I did see this very bike, put on a couple of laps demo at a vintage event in maybe 1999. I happened to be with Cliff at the time. We went to a vintage Flat Track Race and the Cub was a lunchtime highlight. We looked at the bike and Cliff told me the whole wonderful story as only Cliff can ( for those know Cliff, you know what I mean). I believe the great majority of the bikes still exist. They are neat little bikes perfect for the job at hand,sliding around purposely slippery tracks. The Cub sounds sweet
    all through the rev range. Great to see it again.