Friday, February 19, 2010


With the announcement a few days ago that Sammy Halbert will being running the #7 this season, there have been some posts on forums regarding #7's of the past. Mike Kidd, Mark Brelsford, and Mert Lawwill are all former #7's. However, no one ran the number longer than the great Sammy Tanner. The "Flying Flea" ran the #7 from 1960-1970 and won 6 of his 7 nationals during that period. His only other national victory, and the only one aboard a Triumph rather than his BSA, came at the first-ever Ascot Half-Mile in 1959. Here's a 17 year old Sammy Tanner showing off his Triumph way back in 1956 in Savanna, Missouri.

Photo courtesy of the Mahony Photo Archives. For ordering info contact Mahony Photos.

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