Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Happy Groundhog Day. Hopefully there's no shadow and we can get back on the bike soon. Of course guys like Nick Voge in Hawaii don't have to count on folklore to bring on the spring and good riding weather...he gets to ride this sweet street tracker year round. Here's what Nick had to say about his Bonnie...


Perhaps your readers will enjoy some pics of my bike.
I built this `67 Bonnie out of two totally trashed desert sleds. The seat is a Bates TT seat cut and widened to match the rear frame rails. Braced swingarm is a period piece and was on the bike when I got it. Aside from the Works shocks, the chassis is stock.

The engine, however, is rather special. As some of you may know, the Japanese gamble racers ran 2-piece Triumph engines back in the day. These engines were very highly tuned. A friend of mine is a gamble racer with a large stock of old Triumph parts. He gave me the flowed, center-plug head and a set of blueprinted Concentrics (A Japanese tuner went to England and had a batch of carbs made to his specifications). He also gave me the quick turn throttle (from a Yamaha road racer) and a set of light throttle springs (makes a big difference in throttle response).

Anyway, after getting all these trick parts there was no way I could just slap together a stock bottom end, so I sent the crank to Falicon for blueprinting and balancing, sent the Morgo 750 cylinder to Bore Tech for blueprinting and their special cylinder wall treatment, had Venolia make a set of pistons to fit, slipped in a set of mild Megacycle cams and "R" followers, sparks by Boyer and wow, does she run strong!

Anyway, great site. Triumphs forever!


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