Friday, February 26, 2010


From the Mahony Photo Archives:
Eddie Mulder leading Dusty Coppage back in 1964. For ordering info contact Mahony Photos.

Update 3/2/10: We have received emails and comments that this photo was mislabeled. People have mentioned Sid Payne, Clark White, or one of the Bostroms. Anyone know for sure???

Update 3/3/10: Dan Mahony confirms it is Sid Payne chasing Mulder in the photo. Thanks to everyone who got in touch.


  1. Are you sure that is Dusty Coppage? I think it may be Sid Payne.

  2. took a while, but i finally figured out how to post a comment......yes, that #32 behind mulder is definitly bakersifeld's sid payne......if i incorrectly i.d.'d it, i musta been smoking one of mulder's cigaretts.......apopogies to sid, dusty, and all other triumph fans out there.......nice site - keep it up........dan