Thursday, January 28, 2010


Received some more shots from Mike Stuhler the other day. Mike has been kind enough in the past to share his photos with us and this week he has some from Terre Haute, Indiana taken in 1975. Check out his awesome blog for more great photos and stories.

"Hi Brett!

I hope all is well with you. Things are super on the site as always, and I came acrossed a few shots that you might be interested in here. I've been scanning some old negs here lately and these are just a few of what I have now. As always as I get more of these done with the Triumph's I'll shoot them your way!

Attached in no particular order are shots I took at Terre Haute back in '75. One is a shot of Steve Morehead in his second year of GNC racing on his Triumph during practice.

Another is a shot during one of the heat races that has Kenny Roberts on the #1 Yamaha leading 'Wild Will' Kelley on the 6n Triumph along with #91 Scott Drake on his XR.

Last but not least is a shot of the start of one of the heat races with Gene Romero #3 on his C&J-sponsored Yamaha, Springer on his 65x Vista Sheen-sponsored XR, Rex Beauchamp on his #31 factory XR, with #6n Triumph-mounted Will Kelley, who is just behind #20 and Triumph-mounted John Gennai. Next up is #72 Mike Kidd on his Kroger Racing XR, #35 who I'm not sure of, and John Hateley on his #98 Triumph.

I'll shoot more your way as I get them done. Enjoy, God Bless and take care!


Thanks again Mike...and keep up the great work on your blog!

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