Walt Metzler sent me a note with some additional photos:

"I believe the bike that Scooter Vernon is riding at Springfield is the same bike I sent you pictures of when it was painted blue. It belongs to D&D Cycles in Pensacola, Florida. I helped out Rob with a lot of the original set up of the bike. Then later I made the billet primary and did the conversion to right foot shift. AMA DMG rules have pretty much killed any chance of it being competitive."

Indeed the bike does belong to Rob Mclendon from D&D Triumph in Pensacola, Florida...Rob got in touch both by email and in a posted response to a question I left on Flattrack.com. Rob shared some info on the bike, it's current situation, and his hopes for the future. Here are the highlights...

"Its actually my triumph that I built a few years back with the help of Walt Metzler. He built many one off neat pieces for this bike including the primary cover. It is a completely ground up build and makes 96 hp and the rear wheel and handles like a dream.
I rode it at a few races, developed the engine, worked on the chassis(C&J) and then Triumph got me hooked up with road racing so I sent the bike to dallas and the Prez worked his beauty wand on it. He took it all apart, removed the balance shafts, made some chassis modifications to allow the cylinder head easily removed, and shaved some weight, made a new exhaust and lots of other stuff.
The blow by issues were caused by the balance shafts being removed and thus having 4 large holes in the middle of the cases allowing oil to slosh around and get into the breather system.
Myself and Dan Gedeon put our Triumphs for the first time in a main event at the Volusia Hot Shoe race I believe 3 years ago.
Jason Tyer and Scooter Vernon have also ridden the bike in the past. I would entertain campaigning it at a few races with a fast rider. I would love to see a fast guy on it as I believe that my limits were long ago met on a dirt track bike.
As of right now, it sits in the showroom of my dealership getting lots of looks and admiration every day.
Many thanks to:
Triumph Motorcycles America

The Prez

Walt Metzler"