Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here are some photos of John Lambrick's 1974 TR5MX he raced at the AHRMA Peoria TT a few weeks back. Lambrick, from Decatur, Illinois, rebuilt this Avenger with the help of Claude McElvain. While giving us the scoop on the bike, John pointed out the BSA labeled frame and Triumph stamp on the motor. As BSA and Triumph were on their last legs in '74, this bike was essentially a BSA B50MX rebranded, renamed, and slightly modified in a last ditch effort to keep their best bikes selling in the U.S. market. John was kind enough to email us a copy of the original Cycle Magazine review of the bike in which thy give it high marks and can't figure out why more MXers of the time were not on these things. While John's bike is essentially stock, he gave us info on what had been done and what the future holds for his Avenger:
"We removed the de-compression plate and added a PVL ignition. Based on how well the bike handled at the Peoria TT, it WILL have 10-12 more horsepower when I become eligible for the Senior Class."
Thanks to John for sharing this bike and info with us. We hope to see him onboard again at next years event.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Thanks to

Monday, September 28, 2009


We are about halfway through the long break between Springfield and the Pomona Half-mile. Here are a couple photos of Brian Phillips and the #25 Triumph to hold us over until the AMA GNC season finale.

(Grove City Mile - Photo by Larry Lawrence)

(Indy Mile - Photo by Darren Beatty)

Friday, September 25, 2009


They've become a legendary at vintage races...the fastest bikes on the track. Here is the scoop on Mark Gibson's T140s from the man himself:
I built both bikes from scratch. We started the project with salvage T 140 cases and transmissions. The cases are 1973. I started the project in ’04 I believe. After throwing a lot of money and time at the project these bikes have become fast and dependable. I have been the only rider and have been riding them since the inception. I would like to name some sponsors. Diversified Truck & RV Repair is the main sponsor. Larry Isles engine builder and sponsor Bruce Sass head work and sponsor Cycle Zone.

One last piece of info, both motorcycles are set up for remote starters, hence the opening in the primary covers. This is easily accomplished when using a dry clutch.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Here are some photos of Randy Hall from the Peoria TT held last weekend. Randy came all the way out to Illinois from Paradise, California.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Triumph street trackers found on the VFT site. If one of these is yours, or you know who's it is, get in touch at:

We'd love to know more about these great bikes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Photos of recently crowned, 3 time defending AHRMA Sportsman 750 National Champion Charlie Southgate Jr. aboard his Triumph last weekend at the Peoria TT.

Charlie Sr. was in the pits at Peoria and shared the fact that this bike won the very first AHRMA TT held at Peoria and has won several times since. However, it was not to be this year, as the Triumph broke on lap 2 of the main event ending Charlie's day early.

Congratulations Charlie on your 3rd AHRMA National Championship!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Triumph legend Eddie Mulder turned 66 on Sunday. Here's a recent interview from Peckhammer found on Youtube:

Here's Eddie's profile from the Motorcycle Hall of Fame:

Eddie Mulder

Eddie MulderEddie Mulder was a leading TT Steeplechase and desert racer of the 1960s. Mulder won numerous California off-road events, but is best known for his five AMA Grand National victories, all on TT circuits. After retiring from professional racing in the mid-1970s, Mulder became one of the leading stunt riders in Hollywood, doing stunt work on many popular movies and television shows.

Mulder was born on September 20, 1943 in Bellflower, California. His father owned a motorcycle shop that featured British brands in the high-desert town of Lancaster. Mulder was riding a Triumph Cub by the time he was 8, started racing at 11 and took his first overall win at the Mohave Hare Scrambles in 1959 at the age of 16. In 1960, he won the popular Big Bear endurance run.

One of the riders he beat in the Mohave race was legendary off-road rider Bud Ekins. Ekins saw Mulder’s potential and suggested to Triumph that the company should take a look at the kid and give him some help. Soon, Mulder was racing factory-backed Triumphs in all types of motorcycle racing in Southern California.

Besides being an excellent off-road racer, Mulder showed talent on the dirt tracks, as well. He began winning races as a flat tracker and gained a solid reputation at the Mecca of Southern California flat tracking, Ascot Park in Gardena. Mulder won numerous AMA District 37 championships.

Mulder’s desert racing prepared him well for the dirt-track circuit and especially TT races. By the early 1960s, Mulder had earned AMA national number 12. His first full year on the circuit was 1964 and that year he four top-10 finishes, including a third at the Peoria (Illinois) TT.

In July of 1965, Mulder took another podium finish in the national TT at Ascot Park. A month later, he returned to Peoria and came away with his first national victory.

The 1966 season proved to be his most successful. He won back-to-back nationals at Ascot Park and Castle Rock (Washington), then defended as champ at Peoria and went on to earn two other top-10 finishes (fifth in the Indianola, Iowa roadrace and ninth at the short-track event at Santa Fe Speedway in Hinsdale, Illinois). His excellent run that season earned him fourth in the 1966 AMA Grand National championship. It would be his highest finish in the series.

Mulder continued to follow the AMA pro circuit through the early 1970s. His final national win came on the Santa Fe Speedway TT on June 26, 1970. Mulder had won all but one of the major TT races of his era. The national at the Houston Astrodome was the one TT race that eluded him.

By the early 1970s, Mulder’s Hollywood stunt work was becoming more and more time consuming and Triumph was under financial strain and was forced to cut back its racing efforts. After the 1972 season, Mulder no longer traveled the racing circuit full time. He did continue to race select TT events on the AMA national calendar through 1975.

Even though he retired from pro racing, he never left the sport. Later, Mulder became active in vintage racing and originated the West Coast Vintage Dirt Track Series. Mulder also runs a business that builds custom Triumph street bikes closely based on his Triumph racers of the 1960s and ‘70s.

Inducted in 1999

Saturday, September 19, 2009


From the VFT site:
Please call with any information...I'm offering a $500 cash reward for the safe return of my motorcycle. No questions asked. It was stolen sometime between the morning of Tue. August 24 and the afternoon of Wed. August 25, unforced from a garage at 1401 S Henderson Street, Fort Worth, 76104. It was a cafe project that I had been working on for 2 years. Chrome fenders, british racing green tank, chain guard, side-covers and grab bar and freshly powder-coated frame. The head and cylinders were recently re-tooled and it had a Boer electronic ignition. In pieces when stolen, but the thieves were extremely most everything (but the head and side covers). Please call with any info. VIN#TR6RVCG51643

Contact Jacob McKinney
Phone #: 936 462 3414

Friday, September 18, 2009


Here are some photos of recently crowned AHRMA Dinosaur and Classic 500 National Champ George Wills aboard his Triumph last weekend at Peoria.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Here are some photos of the Peoria AHRMA TT Sportsman 750 class winner Denny Williams. I got a chance to talk with Denny and found out the bike is owned by Larry West of West Cycle Salvage in Indiana. Williams, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has been racing the bike since 1998. Congratulations to Denny for the win.


Found this over on the VFT site. Looks like a winner!

Ad Dated September 14:

Trackmaster Triumph/ 76' Bonneville
I really hate to run this ad. Due to an injury on another bike, this perfect 750 has been sitting for a year. If you've raced in the northeast you may have seen it because it has won three local vintage championships. Top notch everything. Engine has cams, pistons, pushrods etc. Forks by Durelle, Works Shocks, Kennedy Triple Trees, leather seat and polished everything. Will wheelie out of the corner if you scoot back on the seat. If you've ever ridden one of these, you know what a wonderful motorcycle it is when it's set up right. I will fix the two paint scuffs on the seat. Located in Upstate NY (Near Monticello)

Extra stack of sprockets add $300.00

First $8,500 takes it! Not negotiable.

Please e-mail inquiries: or call Tim on cell 917-701-0787 btw 9am-5pm EST

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Checking the email inbox is always a treat since we started this site. Here's one we recieved the other day from Mike "Stu" Stuhler who has an awesome photo blog - Stu's Shots R Us

"Hi Brett!

I was scanning some negatives last week from some stuff I took back in the mid 70s and found these and thought you might want to use or check out. These were taken in '75 at Terre Haute and at Syracuse.
The shot with Morehead is his 2nd year as an expert and he was still campaigning one of the last of the Triumphs in half mile and mile form. I can't remember the name of his sponsor or tuner back then unfortunately. The shots of Billy Eves were on the Triumph he campaigned out of a Honda shop in eastern PA.--Levon/Devon can't quite tell from his leathers and I had another where you couldn't quite see the full name. A guy by the name of Dick Jones who also originally was from eastern PA is the one that turned me onto the flack track thing and he knew Billy, Billy Schaeffer former national #96 and Gary Fisher and his family from out that way. I wish after almost 34 years I knew what happened to him as I owe him a very big thanks for turning me on to one of the greatest things in sports.
Hope you can use and enjoy! Take care!

What a great email...thanks a ton Mike!

Enjoy the photos and if anyone can help Mike find out whatever happened to his buddy Dick Jones, please get in touch.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Rick Lee of Canton, Illinois found this puppy on Ebay this past spring in need of some rebuilding. He put it back together in time for the Peoria Vintage TT on Sunday, August 13, 2009. While the bike definitely has character and looks tough and beaten up, Rick plans on cleaning it up, giving it a nice paint job, and sinking some more cash into making faster! He looked pretty quick on Sunday. Hopefully he'll keep us up to date on his restoration efforts.