Friday, October 23, 2009


Good luck to the guys from Bonneville Performance as they try to put some icing on the cake of a historical season this Saturday night at the AMA GNC Pomona half-mile.

Here's a photo from the recent British Rally in Virginia that BP's Bill Gately sent us. Next to the #25 Brian Phillips piloted bike is a 1970's Rickman framed 750 Triumph that Bill's brother Jim raced in AMA District 6 and 7 from 1970-76. Thanks to guys like the Gately bros. for keeping the past alive with beautiful machines like the #75 and giving us hope for an awesome future for Triumphs on the dirt tracks.

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  1. #75 brings back some terrific and powerful memories. For example, helping Jim push his unit through the pits to the staging area at various track-sites, and getting "the bug" so bad I had to become part of the race team he was the dominant leader of at that time. (I'll leave it to Jim if he wants to elaborate on that one !)In any event, it was Jim's racing spirit that fueled my later enrty into flat tracking. Humble and modest as it was, I retain my (British Wassel-Framed!) Honda CL160 to this day! Thanks and best wishes to both Jim and Bill, and good luck keeping this treasured part of our heritage alive! ART