Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here is a cool Triumph powered Japanese Auto Race bike. Auto Race is an event similar to speedway racing although the races are wagered on and the tracks are asphalt.

From the Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum:

"This rare Triumph powered racer was found in the early nineties under a wood pile, behind an antique store in Tokyo. Wayne Bialls, an American car collector from Phoenix, returned to the U.S. with his prize and proceeded with the restoration. When Bialls decided to sell the machine, he chose the VFT For Sale page and a quick call to Dan resulted in it being added to the growing museum collection. Dan’s good friend Aver Hensley, from Clovis, performed the bending of a proper set of handlebars, additional chroming and installation of the knee hook and number plates. The motorcycle was most likely raced until the early eighties."
Click here for more info on the Japanese Auto Race

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