Monday, October 19, 2009


Received quite a few responses to our call for submissions the other day. Here are some great photos and a note from Mike "Stu" Stuhler of Stu's Shots R Us fame. Mike has sent in cool pics to us before and we appreciate his efforts. Anyone out there know who owns these bikes in the photos? Get in touch with the details.

Hi Brett!
I saw on your site the other day you were wanting more shots, so I got the hint and found these that I shot at Springfield on Labor Day W/E of '07.
I shot these during the pit walk through the night of the short track.
I don't know who owns this sweet little piece--or did--because I didn't see the owner around as we were walking through so I never had a chance to compliment them on what a fine and sano piece they had.
I'm not the connoisseur of the Brit flat trackers as they were just fazing out on the flat track scene as I started getting into it in early-mid '74. Mike Kidd was out hurt through the better part of '75 if I remember correctly and Aldana was running a Triumph for a while there. I also remember seeing the last of the Norton's about that time, as well. In August of '75 I did see Sonny Buress Natl #69 at the time win Peoria on a Triumph. He was a TT vet from the Pacific NW area and was awesome. The last I heard a couple of years ago he was running AHDRA drag bikes. You also had Morehead and Billy Eves running them through about the end of '75 or real early '76. And of course Gary Scott's TT bikes. Unfortunately by that time the XR dominance had pretty much taken hold give a few races here or there until the Honda's came along in the early '80s.
Anyway, this bike attached was just worth the time and effort to get these shots since it was so sano and took me back to the beginning of all this to me. With your level of doing this and followers I'm sure someone will come up with the owner and maybe even a little history on this sweet piece to fill us all in. They might even recognize the other one they had in the trailer that looked darn near as clean and sweet from what I could tell at that angle. And if someone does I want to tip my hat to them when they do!
Thanks man and enjoy--keep up the great work. You have a great site and it's really nice to see the passion you put into it!



  1. Thanks again, Brett! You always do my shots justice and I really appreciate your efforts.

  2. That bike belongs to Jack Warren's friend. I cannot remember his name but he is one of the good guys.

  3. Both bikes belong to Skip Wertz from Wheeler, Michigan. Jack Warren races one of Skips bikes in AHRMA events.