Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Checking the email inbox is always a treat since we started this site. Here's one we recieved the other day from Mike "Stu" Stuhler who has an awesome photo blog - Stu's Shots R Us

"Hi Brett!

I was scanning some negatives last week from some stuff I took back in the mid 70s and found these and thought you might want to use or check out. These were taken in '75 at Terre Haute and at Syracuse.
The shot with Morehead is his 2nd year as an expert and he was still campaigning one of the last of the Triumphs in half mile and mile form. I can't remember the name of his sponsor or tuner back then unfortunately. The shots of Billy Eves were on the Triumph he campaigned out of a Honda shop in eastern PA.--Levon/Devon can't quite tell from his leathers and I had another where you couldn't quite see the full name. A guy by the name of Dick Jones who also originally was from eastern PA is the one that turned me onto the flack track thing and he knew Billy, Billy Schaeffer former national #96 and Gary Fisher and his family from out that way. I wish after almost 34 years I knew what happened to him as I owe him a very big thanks for turning me on to one of the greatest things in sports.
Hope you can use and enjoy! Take care!

What a great email...thanks a ton Mike!

Enjoy the photos and if anyone can help Mike find out whatever happened to his buddy Dick Jones, please get in touch.

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  1. Thanks again Brett! Always a pleasure and I appreciate the nod for my old shots. Glad to be able to share these with you and your legion of readers. Very nice work you do here and we all appreciate your time and devotion!
    Take care and thanks again!