Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Received these photos and this info from Jonnie Green:

"I recently purchased 3 Bikes that were raced at Ascot by Bob Rickard from Lomita in Southern California They were purchased from the surviving family. The white tank bike is a 1957 T110, along with a 1959 Cub T20S and 1957 TR6...I initially wanted to just clean them up but unfortunately they may be too far gone and all 3 should undergo restoration. Do you have any information on Mr. Rickard? All I know is that he went to race for Honda in 1960 after the Triumphs in the 1950's. He won Class 3 Scrambles in Daytona in 1962 but the family had no history of the Triumphs."

If anyone has any info that can help Jonnie trace the history of these bikes and their rider, Bob Rickard, drop us a line at triumphflattrack@yahoo.com


  1. Cant help withthe bike brett but loving the photo's,I have just sorted some old Bob Rickard leather rase pants...Very nice got that 60's look all over them..

  2. can you see the pants in the photo I have them now... and happy about,how's that for fun...