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Opened up my email the other night and found this...
Monday, July 20, 2009 9:53 PM
From: "Johnny Robinson"
Subject: Old Flat track pics

HI, Here are pics of my dad in the late 50's. As far as he was concerned, if it didn't say Triumph on it, it wasn't a motorcycle. He had the Triumph dealership in the late 50's here in Huntsville, Al.

Pics of him in leathers, racing at the local fairgrounds, hillclimbs and him and mom at Daytona Beach.
I had the pleasure of riding a 70 Triumph Daytona in my late teens. Dad bought the bike for himself when he went to buy me my first bike. I learned on a Kawasaki 125, but took the Daytona out a couple times after truning 16.
If you need more info on anything, let me know. I'll have to work from the stories dad told, he passed away 20 years ago next week.

I found your site looking for flattrack racing in the Alabama area.

Thanks Johnny


What a great collection of photographs. This is what it is all about. For every Gene Romero or Gary Nixon there were 100 Mickey Robinsons. Local racers who loved the brand and went as fast and far as they could on their Triumphs. Iron men who were at home on the street, beach, half mile or hillclimb. Weekend warriors who worked a regular job and made motorcycling a family affair.

I got in touch with Johnny and found out his dad ran a Triumph dealership out of a small garage in Huntsville, Alabama. He raced flat track at the Huntsville Fairgrounds - one of many tracks that have faded into memory, did hillclimbs outside Huntsville between Meridianville and Hazel Green, and was one of many who made the trek to Daytona to ride on the beach. Here are some of the highlights of the photos he sent...

(Posing in the new leathers)

(Mickey at Daytona)

(Mrs. Mickey Robinson)

(Huntsville Fairgrounds)

(Huntsville Fairgrounds)

(Huntsville Fairgrounds)

(On the hill)

(Like father, like son - Johnny outside his fathers shop)

I'd like to thank Johnny Robinson for sending these in. If you have a similar story to tell please get in touch at:

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  1. Great pictures. like you said there were 100 weekend warriors to every Nixon,Mann,Markel etc.It was the best time of my life. flattracking in the Northeast NY,NJ,MD,PA
    I,m now watching my nephew( just earned his am expert plate)
    Dennis C. 87B