Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Received an email the other day telling of the exploits of Billy Worthington. Seems the 20 year old from Maryland made waves a few weeks back by nearly putting an old T140 Triumph Trackmaster on the podium in the Pro Twins final at the Barbara Fritchie Classic AMA Hot Shoe event. Billy finished 4th in the place better than up and coming wonderkid Shayna Texter. Even more impressive than riding a bike nearly twice his age is that the kid has been flat track racing less than 3 years. We got in touch with Billy to find out more about his racing career and whether or not we'll get to see the old Triumph in a Pro Twins event anytime soon.

Q: How long you been racing?
A: I started racing in august of 2006.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I was born and raised in Rockville MD and that's where I think I am going to stay.

Q: Home track? Where do you typically race?
A: I like to think of the home tracks to be Frederick Fairgrounds or Hagerstown Speedway.
Q: Who owns the Triumph? How did you come to ride that at Frederick? Why did you decide to ride a "vintage" bike in what would seem to be a modern class?
A: Bill Blackwood owns the Triumph. I came to ride it at Frederick when I heard about the new pro twins class that is being run at all of the hot shoe events now. I decided to ride it because it was the fastest bike that I could get a hold of to go up against all the new XRs.
Q: Any info on the bike? What year is it? Past riders?
A: The bike is a route 750 T140 modified-Trackmaster Framed Triumph. It is out of the late 60's to mid 70's. My dad was put on the bike back in the 70's by sponsors as a semi pro but in the mid 70's he was almost killed on it at Dorsey speedway in MD. My father hit another bike coming out of a turn which sent him flipping down the straightaway causing the bike to land on him and other riders to run over him. when it was all done my father got up but was taking to a hospital with a broken back, broken hands, broken ribs, and his right leg broken in 3 places. The bike was then passed around where it eventually ended up in the hands of my dads good friend Billy Blackwood. Bill Blackwood has spent the last 25 to 30 years with the bike doing things to it to improve it. He is a smart man with an open mind which is why the bike is so fast.

Q: Any plans to race it in the future? Perhaps the upcoming WV Hot Shoe?
A: Absolutely I will race it in the future, unfortunately not at Elkins WV hot shoe.

Q: Anyone you'd like to thank?
A: I would have to start with thanking mom and dad for supporting me when I wanted to start racing when I was 17. Thanks to Billy Blackwood for giving me a chance to ride his awesome Triumph, Eddie Adkins, My dads brother Barry for making my steel shoe and His wife Sue for all her support, Richard Riley and the crew at Fredericktown Yamaha. with out these people none of this would be possible.

Q: Final Thoughts?
A: I feel that old Triumph has a lot of potential and that after a couple more races on it, I think that I can be competitive on it at the GNC level on the cushion tracks. I have so much to learn and I am still young and my ears are always open for advice from elders and veterans. I am a new rider also and have come a long way in the past 3 years very quickly. I don't see my self peaking or stopping anytime soon because I never stop learning and I have more fun each time. So I am looking for feedback or any advice because I am like you, I want to bring Triumph back into the mix of GNC FLATTRACK.


  1. Billy,
    I've been waiting a long time to see Triumph on a dirt track again. I saw 3 nationals from 1968 to 1970 and several pro races during that time on half mile and short track. Triumph was always in the majority and was my favorite. I've kept up with the efforts from Bill Gately of Bonneville Performance and Dan Gedeon and I think what your doing is great, if not historical. I dont know how your T140 is keeping up with the XR750s but I wont question it and I wish it had been done a long time ago. Good luck to you and I hope you pass them all. Put Triumph back.. where it belongs. David Blair

  2. Hey Billy,
    Good meeting you at Frederick this year and great job on riding that Triumph.

    Why don't you hit that cheap-ass Rick Tydings up for some $$$...that guy has plenty and loves motorcycle racing too! Tell him I told you so!

    George Ireland

  3. HAHA, it was great meeting you as well finaly. I love the racerreunion cite! and Thanks for the support and i hope to see you around the track again soon Mr. Ireland!!!

    Billy Worthington # 50s

  4. Billy,
    Cant wait to see you out on the tracks in March! Your Rockville Family will be there to supposrt you all the way! Cheering you on and seeing you to the finish! You are doing great! Keep your head held high and do what you love to the fullest. Never let anything get you off the path of your dreams and future in racing! We love you and hope for a great riding season! Cant wait to finally see you race!!
    Your Rockville Family!