Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Received an email from Ken Allaman of Roundtop, MT. Ken is a racer from way back when. He grew up in Illinois and began racing on an old Indian Sport Scout. During the 60's he rode Harleys for Bruce Walters and also did some racing with Smitty's Triumph out of Peoria, IL. He sent some great photos of an old Triumph flat tracker he has restored and raced in vintage events. Here's what he had to say about the bike...

"I bought this bike in 1998...It started life as a '68 Tr6R...I was told it had a rare Yetman frame-as in its day he didn't build many for dirt -the oil tank is an aluminum masterpiece. I bought the bike from Bob Neilson and it was not running and in pretty sad shape. He told me it was regular qualifier at Ascot and had won the AMA National in what was then called the Amateur class of Pro Racing at San Jose in '72...I believe a man named John Hoy had something to do with it but I don't know who rode it. Joel Wey-Denver and Randy Baxter-Baxter Cycle brought it back to race condition. It is one fast Triumph. I rode it to #2 in point standings in over 50 in 98 in VDTRA and 3rd in Masters Of the Mile AHRMA races in 98. I guess finding who won the San Jose race would be a great way to get history of the bike."

So if anyone out there can help Ken trace the history of this bike, get in touch at: triumphflattrack@yahoo.com

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  1. I was Dave Yetman's partner for a few years when we made the Triumph frame. I don't remember if I made more than the one I raced. There are a couple of pics of it on my site.
    The original frame had some dented areas on the tubes that are between the carbs for clearance. I'd like to see a picture without the tank and seat and also a closeup of the oil tank.