Friday, July 24, 2009


Found these photos on the Up-front Promotions website. These guys promote(d?) motorcycle related events in the Chicagoland area. Their website has a section devoted to the old Santa Fe Speedway near Chicago. Several great articles on racers, the track, past Santa Fe Nationals, decade summaries, and of course some great photos. Check them out here. Here are a few featuring Triumph legends Eddie Mulder, Gary Nixon, Chuck Palmgren, and a young Gene Romero (22z). Photos courtesy of Betzel Smith. If you can answer any of the questions...drop us an email:

(Is this the '66 Peoria TT?)

(Who is #48?)

(Is #69 the great Sonny Burres?)

(Nixon leading them through the turn)

(Nixon catching some air)

(Chuck Palmgren and Gary Nixon battling)



  1. I think #48 was Dusty Coppage and #69 is Sonny Burres. The pictures of Gary and Chuck are great , I havent seen these before. I dont know the year of the Peoria picture but its before 1967.

  2. The TT picture of Nixon leading was in 67 was almost a win, he lead the entire race and was passed by Dick Mann on the final lap or laps. The last photo of Chuck and Gary is one of the best I've seen, wish I had a poster of it. It says, "Look out Milwaukee".